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  • Jackie__Chan

    I Love this site my nigga

    • VESl15

      i dont think jakie chan cn say the N. word XD hes not nigga like that XD

      • 1andOnlyElkidre


      • Awesomkia

        Jackie Chan would fuck your black ass up, lol. jk

        • Brian Uzumaki-Nin Miller


    • dat boi cam

      i fuck with you… lol

  • zuriel_H morpheus


  • Face front Phineas
    Can you use this in your next video please.

  • 1andOnlyElkidre

    I wanted 2 but Later

  • Dville Racked Up

    yo can you do a review!!! on the new playstation store indie game collection of play 2013!!!

  • MLKofGaming

    You should start doing that cornelius08 shit shit again. youknow… do those voice overs you use to do on those popular Tv shows, movie clips, commercials, you know.. all that bullshit!

  • hector lopez

    i fucks with you mwn , you’re pretty much the only youtuber i can watch

    • Adrien Watley

      try watching xpertthief or dashiegames

  • Taron Haddow

    Yo man I think your channel is really dope and you are the only gaming Youtuber I enjoy watching I don’t fuck with all the other bullshit plus you really into hip hop like me keep up the good work homie

  • Excallibur

    maaaaaan Dude changed my life.

  • Andrew Chien

    What do you think of League of Legends?

  • Chief Keef

    I fucks wit u

  • william bolden

    crazy shit ever

  • Zack

    Yo the City Need Me Nugga

  • Adrien Watley

    this is the yahoo for gamers

  • Marc Cruz

    YO mwn i can’t login to the forums. it says i keep getting locked out
    You got any idea why?

  • shahid H

    If you didnt hear yet a new dead island game is being made called dead island epidemic do some research on it and a news

  • shahid H

    You should do some research on a new dead island game called epidemic

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