• The Wolf Among Us Season 1 Review

    The Wolf Among Us Season 1 Review

    July 11, 2014, By MWN IN Opinion

    The Wolf Among Us, Telltale’s second big success, has definitely earned its place on the shelf of must-play games. Despite having distinct similarities to their The Walking Dead game series, the game feels remarkably different and unique by making it stand on its own instead of feeling like a [...]

  • “Alpha & Omega”- A Decade Later

    “Alpha & Omega”- A Decade Later

    July 9, 2014, By UTxJGTheDon IN Music

    This October will mark the 10-year anniversary of the release of Bizzy Bone’s “Alpha & Omega” album. This was an album highly anticipated due to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony having booted Bizzy Bone from the group back in 2002. Almost all rumors and questions are finally cleared up ove [...]

  • Fairy Tail Chapter 389 Review

    Fairy Tail Chapter 389 Review

    June 20, 2014, By MWN IN Uncategorized

    This is my personal review of Fairy Tail Chapter 389, written and drawn by Hiro Mashima. The opening page shows what seems like a very tired and overworked Gajeel and Pantherlily, with the ironic caption of “Not sleeping at night is bad for your skin and eyes!”, which could mean that the [...]

  • Is Naruto Becoming Oversaturated?

    Is Naruto Becoming Oversaturated?

    June 9, 2014, By MWN IN Anime

    The Naruto TV series was an anime adaptation of Masashi Kishimoto’s manga, which first began in Japan in late 2002, immediately gaining popularity off of the manga. 220 episodes later, the series ended with our main protagonist Naruto leaving the Hidden Leaf Village to train. Another anime [...]

  • Naruto Shippuden Ep. 364 ‘The Ties That Bind’ Review

    Naruto Shippuden Ep. 364 ‘The Ties That Bind’ Review

    June 7, 2014, By MWN IN Anime

    For those of you who say to only read the manga and disregard the anime, you are all fools, because there are some things that a manga just can’t deliver that an anime can. With the sleek animation and sad yet epic music, this episode as without a doubt solidified itself as one of the [&hellip [...]

  • A Story About My Uncle (Review)

    A Story About My Uncle (Review)

    June 5, 2014, By MWN IN Gaming, Opinion

    My first thought going into this game was, “Okay, it’s a fantasy mirror’s edge game, what’s so cool about it?” “Fuck You,” replied the publishers, Coffee Stain Studios, the genius minds behind the greatest simulator game (Goat Simulator) ever created. *** A [...]