• Society VS Gamer: We Are Gamers!

    Society VS Gamer: We Are Gamers!

    August 28, 2014, By stephanie ann IN Opinion

    Geekdom is continuing to become more mainstream and is embedding itself as a societal norm. I can’t help to feel that our fellow brethren, the comic book geeks, are the only ones who have benefited from this popular geek trend. People are now fascinated by someone’s vast knowledge in comics. All [...]

  • Childish Gambino Reveals New Mixtape

    Childish Gambino Reveals New Mixtape

    August 28, 2014, By Malaiko IN Music

    Childish Gambino has yet to release a new project since last year’s Because The Internet album, which in my opinion was one of the best and most ambitious albums of last year. Despite not having any projects released this year, Gambino has made a lot of noise on the internet with his freestyle [...]

  • Game ft. Wale, Curren$y and More | Don’t Shoot

    Game ft. Wale, Curren$y and More | Don’t Shoot

    August 28, 2014, By MWN IN Music

    Here’s another Mike Brown “We Are the World” inspired record. At this point, I’m curious to know if they actually care or if they’re just trying to cash in on the hysteria? The number of artists featured on the record is a mouth full, but the full list reads as Game, Ri [...]

  • Goodwill Opens Retro-Gaming Store

    Goodwill Opens Retro-Gaming Store

    August 28, 2014, By MWN IN Gaming

    In this is some pretty awesome news; Goodwill, the second-hand clothing store has opened up a second-hand retro gaming store. It’s called Grid Powered by Goodwill, and you can find it in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s a store focused on old school games, accessories, and computer equipm [...]

  • Should Video Games Be Colorblind?

    Should Video Games Be Colorblind?

    August 28, 2014, By Oskarr17 IN Opinion

    In many fantasy RPGs, there is the option of choosing your race when creating your character. Some games give certain buffs to races; elves are typically more magically-inclined and humans are usually more fit as warriors. Skyrim takes it even deeper. There are plenty of race options and many races [...]

  • Escape Dead Island

    Escape Dead Island

    August 28, 2014, By MWN IN Gaming

    This game was randomly announced and just disappeared. Deep Silver has randomly put out another trailer, revealing some game play. To be honest, it looks like another Dead Island game with graphics. Might be something worth picking up when the price drops. I don’t how to feel about this game. [...]

  • Twitch Streamers Swatted

    Twitch Streamers Swatted

    August 28, 2014, By Gabeg646 IN Gaming

    Well, here we go again. On August 27, 2014 a LP group called The Creatures were swatted at their office in Colorado during a live stream of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It seems as though it was apparently a fake call about a homicide. But some say that they mentioned a bomb threat. Its a [&hel [...]

  • September’s Free PSN+ Games

    September’s Free PSN+ Games

    August 28, 2014, By MWN IN Uncategorized

    Another month, another batch of games for PSN+ members. This month 6 games are up for grabs that span across three Sony platforms. Below is the full list and above is a video preview. PS4 – Velocity 2X & Sportsfriends PS3 – Sportsfriends, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale & Hoa [...]

  • Is Bojack Horseman Good Enough To Saddle Up To?

    Is Bojack Horseman Good Enough To Saddle Up To?

    August 28, 2014, By K_special93 IN Anime

    Netflix, the powerhouse of streaming movies/television that has brought us great original content like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards are now dipping their feet into the animated realm. Can they strike gold with this new series, or will this cartoon be drowned out by the already saturate [...]